About us
History and major milestones of SRVM Chemical & Soap Pvt. Ltd.
1987 - Started manufacture of Peroxide range.
1989 - Started Detergent manufacturing and marketing
1992 - Started exports of Detergents to the Middle East, South Africa and Neighboring countries
1995 - Selected by Modicare for manufacture of their product range. Several products added in to date (details confidential).
1998 - Specialty chemicals added for M/s Welspun Terry Towels.
2001 - Additional land earmarked for capacity expansion.
2002 - Started export of Shampoos and other various products to various.

Financial Strengths
Trebled from Rs 50 Millions to Rs 175 Millions from 1997-98 to 2000-01.
Group company fixed assets in range of Rs 320 Millions.
Working capital loan from State Bank of India to the tune of Rs 5 Millions.
Working capital from partners to the tune of Rs 40 Millions.

Our Beliefs
Our vision is to be the best subcontract manufacturing unit supplying best quality and cost effective
manufacturing facilities to clients, market leaders in field of surfactant based products in India and abroad.
Utmost secrecy observed at all stages starting from sourcing, processing, and quality testing.
Restricted access to processing unit to personnel authorized by the client.
Coding of key chemicals in use.
Separate team of blenders and production staff.
Master code list changed regularly by Director.
Accounts of major suppliers handled by different staff from across different group companies.

Customer Policy
Customer satisfaction is the key core process and all systems, policies, procedures, other internal support. processes aligned to meet it.
Flexibility to meet all client needs including special batches, trials.
Investment at short notice to meet client requirement say equipment for trials, special packaging, etc.

Quality Policy
All raw materials are sourced from reputed and the best suppliers in India.
All raw materials/packing material is accompanied with quality test report, which are again tested for quality checks in own lab before use.
Track of batch wise usage of raw materials kept.
On line quality check of finished goods / Work-in-progress.
Quality function directly under Group Company Director Quality, with powers to stop production in case of any doubts expressed on quality.

Reaction vessels : of SS, jacketed with automatic controls.
Ribbon blenders : sourced from suppliers of equipment to HLL.
Packaging machinery including form-fill-seal machinery, inkjet printers, induction sealers, shrink wrappers.
Quality testing equipment including amongst others Brookfield viscometer, Karl Fischer apparatus.
Generator set : 200. KVA
Power connection of 598.6 K.W.

Capacity : no constraints. Additional capacity can be created within 2 to 6 weeks to suit requirements of committed clients
Licenses (for use of alcohol, cosmetics manufacturing)
Expertise in progressing from research to production in case of surfactants
Tie ups and working relationship maintained with experts in surfactants field from
- GE Silicones Ltd
- Consultant (based in Germany)
- Ex HLL Factory Managers

Location (off Delhi, close to airport/ situated on highway).
Warehousing facilities at additional cost.
Direct supplies with major manufacturers of raw materials for surfactants.

Cost Controls
Annual rate contracts with suppliers; use of bulk discounts/ cash discounts etc. to ensure optimal working capital utilization.
Emphasis on quality of raw materials and process controls to check wastage.
Core team of skilled workers to ensure process controls and consistent quality.
Controls on process efficiency through up gradation of technology/ equipment/ changes in raw. material mix/ use of specialty chemicals.
Inventory control (for raw material, WIP and finished products)
Subcontract activities not critical to production aspect.
Controls on batch changes and WIP inventory.
Special rates fixed for transportation in negotiation with the transport union in Gurgaon, which are more competitive.

Concern for Environment
Controls for effective use of water through use of pressure cleaners, transfer lines, etc.
Production planning controls on batch changes.
Good housekeeping .
Testing of effluent prior to discharge, which also aids in checking chemical/ product wastages.
Will install additional equipment (RO/ ion exchange) as per requirement to match client specification, if any in this aspect

Core Competency
Consistent quality and cost effective manufacturing
Provide able support to client in setting products from R&D (concept stage/ laboratory stage) to production

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