Liquid Dirt & Stain Remover, Detergent Powder, Wool and Delicates, Water Starch, Fabric.. Honey complexion Bar, Body Lotion Body Shampoo, Skin Conditioner, Liquid Hand Soap, Shampoo, Scrub Soap...

Breast Enhancers, Anti Cellulite Gel, Vatta oil., Kapha Oil, Basil Touch massage oil, Oil for Feet... Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Scale Remover, Multi purpose Liquid Cleaner, Cleaner, Glass and House, Dish washing Liquid...
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Customer satisfaction is the key core process and all systems, and poilcies, procedures, other internal support process alligned to meet the key core process.
To meet all source of client needs including special batches, trails.
Investment at short notice to meet client requirement say equipment
for trails, special packaging, etc.
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